Day 2: I Regret My Dinner

I was so close to failing on Day 2 of my challenge— I just started yesterday.

I fell asleep while I was laying with my daughters and waiting for them to fall asleep. I honestly don’t know who fell asleep first, but I got a text around 9 that woke me up. I woke up knowing I should get my ass up to get shit done and not fail so early on in challenging myself. I toyed with just staying in the comfy bed for about 30 mins, going in and out of sleep.

So, I finally forced myself out of bed to not only blog, but to also get rid of the never ending pit full of dishes.

I guess you can say I really do want to change my ways. That was one victory that felt great.

So, if you’re on a weight-loss Journey like I am, just look at the bigger picture. I’m learning to say Fuck You to all the excuses, which include “I’m tired!” If you and I want it bad enough, let’s do it by any means necessary. Fuck the bullshit. Lets get better everyday and keep challenging the fuck out of our brain. Spring is a few months away and summer comes right after.

Now that I’m done with all my fucks and pep talking, let’s get into my meals for today.

Breakfast: Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie Bowl

Still haven’t bought my usual low cal bread. So, Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie Bowl it was.

Recipe for Strawberry Watermelon Recipe Bowl:

-1/2 C Frozen Strawberries

-1/2 C Frozen Watermelon

-1 Frozen Banana

-1/2 C Vanilla Almond Milk

*add more frozen fruit if it is too watery after you blend it

You can add toppings of your choice. I added the usual plus a few fresh blueberries and pomegranate.

I love the different textures and feel that they help make me feel satiated.


Lunch: Semi Greek Salad w/ Gyro Meat

*First time trying this from Costco and I loved it. It was super quick and easy to prepare. It was full of flavor.
I know. It’s not the healthiest option, but I’m not going to succeed at this weight-loss thing eating rabbit food all day. You’ll notice that is my style of eating. Also, as long as you fit the food item in your caloric intake for the day without going over your caloric deficit, it’s still a win for you and your journey to losing weight. It may not help you become “healthier” but “slimmer.”
When I count calories, I don’t really count veggies like lettuce, spinach, cucumber, onion, peppers, and carrots. I do count calories on tomatoes, avocado, and olives though.
It’s only 30 calories per 2 tbsp of this dressing. I used a measuring spoon and only didn’t tbsp and squeezed lemon juice in addition.
(Also not the healthiest, but it’s what I have on hand.)

Snack: Cinnamon Fuji Apples w/ Honey PB & Cacao Nibs

I used about a tbsp and a half with a tsp of honey. Also, wait for the next pics…
I added some hot water. I know…but it adds volume and gives it more of a whipped consistency.
Sprinkled with a tsp of cacao nibs. They’re a little bitter but great to add that “chocolate pb” feel.

Dinner: Garlic Butter Steak, Honey Brussels, Sautéed Mushrooms

I haven’t had steak in a while. I regretted it. First, the seasoning was off lol. Second, I didn’t like how it “sat” in my stomach. Also, I already had beef in that gyro today. I felt bad for eating too much meat in one day. I’m really working or at least trying to eat less meat.

I didn’t have a dessert today because I spent all my calories. So , that concludes Day 2 of what I’m eating to lose weight.

Before I sign off—I want to start sharing more nutritional information and facts about why I eat specific foods and take specific supplements. I feel like you all would benefit and maybe would like to add some of these to your arsenal. So, I’ll work on sprinkling more in the blog posts to come.

I’m clocking out. Much Love 💕

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