Day 4: Current Diet Style-If It Fits My Calories

Strict diets that eliminate food groups and have me eating grass all day aren’t for me.

I love food, but I also want to love my body. I want to feel good. I used to do the IIFYM aka if it fits your macros way of eating, and it definitely worked because of the flexibility it gave me. Counting macros is basically tracking how many grams of protein, carbs, and fat you consume in a day, while also watching calories.

It is a little tough to hit all your macros each day. I found myself going over or way under quite a bit.

This time around, I wanted to start my weightloss off by easing in to a strict “diet.” I plan to track calories but am able to eat anything I want. I just have to be sure I don’t go over and that I’m working out. I have agreed to no white sugar and white starches. So, this means I can still eat whole grain breads, brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc. I can still eat fatty foods. I can still have sweet items just as long as the ingredients are mostly healthy and made with whole ingredients. I also plan to incorporate lots of fruits and veggies.

I think I will do this all of January. In February, I will switch to IIFYM. So I’m still able to eat what I want but can’t go over specific amounts of carbs, protein, and fat. In April, I would essentially like to try cutting sugar and carbs out of my diet to get real snatched before my Vaca to Germany end of May. I’m also going to Aruba end of July.

I went to Mexico last July and was not happy with how I looked and how I felt in my bathing suits. I would like to feel and look good on these vacations. I would like to prove to myself that I have self-discipline.

Also, my oldest daughter, who is 7 has been making comments that I used to be fit and skinny and now I’m not. She told me she wants me to get fit for Aruba. So, that is definitely motivation for me. I know she means well. It hurt my feelings a little, but it helped push me to do better and eat better.

Anyways, those are my hopes and plans for the coming months. I hope you enjoy what I ate today.

Breakfast: Cherry Watermelon Smoothies Bowl

Tip: When making your smoothie bowls, start with a little liquid and keep adding as you blend, little by little so that you can get that thicker consistency.

Lunch: Adult Lunchable

Peppered Turkey, 50 cal provolone slice, 1 tbsp garlic hummus, 2 blackberries, carrots, & cauliflower cheddar crackers
I got the crackers from Shop Rite. You can def tell they are not your normal “cheez it” style cracker. They do have a distinct taste and it took me a few tries to get used to it. It’s growing on me.

Snack: Trader Joe’s Sedimentary Cookies (200 cals each)

I had two! What can I say? It fit my calories. My daughters don’t like these cookies because they’re “different” and taste “healthy.” I think they’re amazing.

Dinner: Salmon Basil Alfredo over Zoodles

I used a full serving which was 1/4 cup for 100 calories. I also added water to get more sauce…well, because I like saucy things. I also threw in some capers.
Also, fresh spinach and the core of the zucchini that I zoodled.
After mixing it up and tasting it, I needed more spice. Per usual, I added some sriracha.
I counted half the calories of what I made because…buttt this meal was Fire! Try it!

No Dessert , because I spent all calories for the day.

I feel so hungry right now though!*You are strong , you will look like a snack in that bathing suit, you will thank yourself later, self-discipline and sacrifice girl!!!!*

That’s the self talk I’ve been giving myself lately. It helps. Tell yourself stuff like this to keep your mind in the game.

I honestly just need to go to sleep. That’s how I’ve been fighting late night cravings…Sleep!

That concludes Day 4. Blogging everyday is a lot harder than I thought. I low key love it though.

Much Love

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