Day 5: Period Stain Anxiety at the Gym

Flo’ has finally left town!

I couldn’t be happier to get back in the gym after a few days of working out at home. I don’t mind working out at home sometimes and on upper body days since I have dumbbells. When it comes to HIIT and Lower-body, I don’t like doing those at home….especially on heavy flo days lol.

So. I want to to know…

Am I the only one who fears “bleeding out” or having an “overflow” at the gym?

Ever do a squat, and feel a puddle or a gush of stuff a comin’? Ever have to look at your butt in the mirror after every set to make sure there’s no blood leaking through?

I mean, I workout in the women’s gym at Gold’s, and we’re all females…but I’d still like to spare myself the embarrassment.

I just can’t workout comfortably on my heavy period days. Some of you may say, why don’t you just double up and wear a pad and tampon? Well, it’s uncomfortable wearing a pad on booty and leg days with all the lower body moving and grooving I do. Also, I just don’t like wearing pads with leggings on. It feels uncomfortable doing any type of squat with a pad in my opinion. Am I too much? Haha, someone please enlighten me and let me know.

Any-who, here goes my meals for the day as promised:

Breakfast: Apple Nachos

Since I was running low on bananas, I skipped the smoothie bowl today. I was going to need the banana for my post-workout protein smoothie. I made my typical PBNHoney Dip plus too much water. The tase was way off. I topped it with granola, walnuts, and cacao nibs. I could barely finish it. I honestly could barely finish all my meals today.

Post Workout Snack: Caramel Banana Smoothie

I’m not the fondest of the taste of this. It’s way too sweet drinking it straight. I only use half the bottle when making my protein smoothie and add in two cubes and one banana. The texture comes out perfect every time.
Sometimes I top it with granola and cacao nibs. Since I already did that for breakfast, I decided to just sprinkle with cinnamon. I finished a little more than half and froze the remains. Next time, I think I’ll add some Apple slices and nutmeg to make it a caramel apple smoothie!

Dinner: Buffalo Wild Wings Asian Zing Inspired Cauliflower Wings

OMG! This was my first time every making buffalo style cauliflower wings. This was amazing. I love the Asian Zing sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings, so I made a sauce similar to it. I will be writing a detailed post on how to make these. The best part is that they were about 350 calories. I was full about half way through the plate but ended up finishing it. They were that good and hit the spot.

Dinner: Chips& Queso w/Fajita Chicken

This took me all of 5-7 minutes to prepare. I got the chicken at Costco. All you do is heat it in the pan. You can microwave it, but I like a little crispness. I used 3 100 calorie American Cheese Slices, red pepper flakes, and water. Don’t knock it til you try it. Definitely not the healthiest but still under my calories for the day!


My 2nd favorite candy in the world.

To be honest

Even though I had a killer lower body and core workout today, I still feel a little guilty for my lunch, dinner, and dessert. They felt all too good to be on my weight-loss menu. They weren’t the healthiest. On the bright side, I made it under my calories! Remember my goal is to ease my way in to the more strict diet. So far, I’ve been good with getting my micros in and staying under my calories for the day!

Well, that concludes Day 5! I can’t believe I have blogged 5 days in a row. I’m so proud of myself low-key. I hope you guys are enjoying this content!

Bonus Workout for you: ( What I did today)

I planned the workout ahead of time by getting Inspo from Instagram. Hip Thrusts and Deadlifts are always on lower body days. I then add an emoji after I finish each workout. This workout took me about an hour and 15 minutes.

I’m off to bed. Much ❤️ Love

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