Day 6: Estimated My Calories all Day

Hopefully, I over-estimated rather than under-estimated.

Saturday’s are family fun day in our family. So, Let’s just say today was a busy day and we were gone most of the day. I wasn’t prepared with meals.

It took me almost 2 hours to get myself and the girls ready to leave the house looking clean and presentable. *Of course, my youngest had dried snot on her face in the car no matter how many times I wiped her nose and area by it. * That is besides the point though lol.

The girls already ate breakfast earlier that morning. I made my “breakfast” around 11 in 5 minutes. Remember yesterday how I talked about me freezing the remains of my protein smoothie. Well, I popped that out of the freezer, added some hot water to break it up so it was blend-able. I then added half an Apple, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ice. It came out perfect. Since I made the base of this shake yesterday, I just guesstimated how many calories by eyeballing it. I ended up eyeballing everything today!

So, let’s just hop right in to my meals.

Breakfast: Caramel Apple & Banana Protein Smoothie

I use MyFitnessPal to track all of my calories. I love that app. All you do is scan the barcode on the food item, and it populates the nutrition facts.

Lunch: Turkey Wrap & Tea

There was so much meat. I estimated 6 oz…what do you think? I also stole some of my daughter’s pepperoni and salami from her Italian sandwhich.
I asked for green tea. The guy said they had over 40 green teas, so I told him to surprise me with one. So, I have no idea what kind of tea it was.

Snack: Chips& Queso

We just got home at this point, and the girls were begging for a snack. I was also hungry. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture. I had a little more than the serving I had the night before. so, if you want to see a pic of it, check out my Day 5 post!

Dinner: Noodle-Less Pho

It was freezing and snowing out, so we ordered pho for dinner. My daughters share the seafood pho but never finish all of it. So, I just ate the leftover seafood, all veggies, and remaining broth. I typically replace the noodles with the 0 calorie Shiritake Noodles that I get from my local Asian market or shop rite. I get so full of that, but I did not have any on hand.

Here are my estimated calories for the day. I honestly think I overestimated.

As far as working out, I was not able to make it to the gym today due to our festivities. I snuck in a 25 minute core, shoulder, and chest workout before bed. I used the FitOn app for the core workout and did the shoulder and chest work with my dumbbells.

Oh, and I know I haven’t been posting pics of myself on here. Again, I’m a bit embarrassed of my body but will soon. On the plus side, my daughter told me I look skinnier. I feel stronger, have more energy, and feel like I lost a couple pounds. So, yeah pics coming soon. If I go to the gym tomorrow, I will weigh myself and post it in my Day 7.

Oh, I’m super proud of myself for blogging tonight, because I legit almost didn’t. Thanks for keeping me going and holding me accountable y’all.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Much ❤️ Love!

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