Day 7: How Many Calories Does Frying Food Add To The Recipe?

I bet you probably never asked yourself that question in the title. How many calories do you think frying adds to the food? W

Well, I fell in to that rabbit hole of a google search today trying to figure out how many calories I just consumed after making and eating my copycat Chic-Fil-A Nuggets with Potato Wedges.

I basically found out that nobody really knows, and that they are basically educated guesses. They say it depends on how porous the food is…no duh. It also depends on the oil…no duh. Some people say calories double…triple…quadruple. There’s basically no concrete answer or way to really know is what I got out of the research I looked at.

My critically thinking would be…

1.) Measure the amount of oil you put in the pan.

2.) After frying the food, measure how much oil is left. Then, divide those oil calories in to however many pieces of whatever you have to get an approximate answer. Then add that to the normal calories of the food item.

That’s just me though.

And yes..I know, I know…it’s so unhealthy. How is this even a “weightloss diet?” I said this before and I said it again, just as long as youre burning calories and eating at a deficit, you will lose weight .

I am not a dietician or personal trainer. It’s just science and biology or whatever.

Just like yesterday, I had another day of not so good eating. I ate foods that I didn’t really know the calories for and guesstimated. I felt like I overestimated today but not too sure about today. I feel like I may have underestimated.

You tell me…

Breakfast: Skipped it, because I wasn’t hungry. I don’t believe in forcing breakfast or any meal if you are not hungry. (Just as long as you aren’t doing this multiple meals in a row and basically starving yourself.)

Lunch: TurkeyRoniLami Wrap

This is the leftover meat from Day 6. It was actually my daughters leftover lunch meat from a restaurant . The delis in New York don’t play with their meat. They give you stacks on stacks. It was literally 2 inches thick. But, this is why I estimated calories ok this meal. I only knew the calories for the cauliflower cheese crackers, because I had these at home.

Snack: Oats n Dark Chocolate Granola Bar and Almond Milk

Dinner: Copycat Chic-Fil-A Nuggets and Homemade Potato Wedges

If you’re a big fan of ketchup and are on a diet, make sure you get the no sugar added version. It has way less calories. It only has 10 calories per tablespoon. Also, since I couldn’t find a definite answer about the calories on this meal, I used the calories for the Actual Chic-Fil-A Nuggets. I put in how many ounces of potatoes I used along with how much flour I estimated were on the wedges. Side note: I’m buying an air fryer this coming week since it’s all the rage. If that helps me be healthier and have crispy food with little to no oil…I am all there for it. I’ll show it to you when I get it.

Dessert: Trader Joe’s Sedimentary Cookie and Almond Milk

This is the last cookie for a while guys. I have no more of them.

Ok, so that sums up what I ate today to lose weight by eating in a deficit. If the estimations are right, which they are not…Here are my estimated calories:

What I learned about losing weight on Week 1 of this blogging challenge:

1.) I need to buy batteries for my food scale so I can stop being so hard on myself and stressing over if I’m eating too much or too little.

2.) I need to limit my sugar intake, even when it comes to healthy sugars like fruit, granola, yogurt, protein, smoothies, etc.

3.) I need to be more prepared with healthy snacks and a couple extra meals made. ( I can’t stand meal prepped food..I guess I am just Boujee and like my meals fresh 😂)

4.) I need to up my micro nutrients and protein intake.

I hope you enjoyed my first week of this blogging challenge.

Much Love!

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