Day 9: Are You Using Your Disposal the Right Way?

What do you put down your garbage disposal? Do you put food down your disposal or throw it in the trash?

I was taught that your food that is left on your plate should go in the disposal. My boyfriend said that putting food down there will break it. We have legit disagreed about this for many years, and I’m just now googling it.

According to Delish.com’s Article, you can only put specific types of foods down the disposal.

The things you are not supposed to put down your disposal are as follows:

1.) Bones

2.) Celery

3.) Coffee Grounds

4.) Egg Shells

5.) Fruit Pits

6.) Greece

7.) Pasta, Rice

8.) Potato Peels

I thought that bones and hard items like fruit pits were a no brainer. I thought anything soft could go down the drain but apparently not rice or pastas.

So, here are a few tips that I found on some plumbing blogs.

1.) Run cold water instead of hot while running your disposal so that it can solidify fats and oils. Once solidified, it can be broken down. Again, don’t pour oil and fat down the drain. This is for the accidental spill or leftover oils on plates and food.

2.) If it isn’t biodegrade-able, don’t put it down the disposal!

Thanks for coming to class today lol.

Now for what I ate today…

Breakfast: Black Beans, Avocado and 2 egg whites

I love the everything bagel seasoning on my avocado, especially whenever I make avocado toast.

Lunch: Rice Cakes& Fruit

I only ended up eating half of the fruit. If you like the pizza flavored combos, the rice cake seasoning is similar. It is one of my favorite flavors of rice cake!

Also had a tiny bit of fajita chicken
Apparently, I was starving… This was a part of lunch! I had a killer lower body HIIT focused workout today.

Snack: 1 rice cake

It’s only 50 calories and so bomb!

Dinner: Zucchini Pizza

Sprinkled so garlic salt and sriracha on there per usual.

Dessert: Protein Granola Bar& Blueberries

Also, a side of vanilla almond milk. I just bought the protein chewy bar today and I give it 5/5.
A couple hundred calories short, but I’m not hungry.

That concludes day 9! If you’d love more ideas or recipes for weight-loss, let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Much Love!

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