Day 10: Blogging Every Day Isn’t Easy

Blogging consistently is one thing, but blogging every single day takes a lot of work! It’s currently 1:25 AM. I almost didn’t get to it today, but I couldn’t fail…especially publicly! Now that’s what you call accountability.

What’s something you need someone to help hold you accountable for?

What are ways you keep yourself motivated on your fitness journey?

Here are some things I do to be consistent and motivated:

-I envision my future if I just follow through and be consistent. I paint a picture so vivid in my head, that it keeps me fighting.

-I screenshot and write down motivational quotes.

-I scroll through my Ig or YouTube Inspos.

-I meditate.

-I believe and practice in the “law of attraction.”

I hope that helps a little.

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Protein Chewy Granola Bar

Lunch: Skinny BBQ Chicken Pizza

I picked all these ingredients up at Target today. I couldn’t find the fat free mozzarella, the sugar free honey bbq sauce, or a lower carb tortilla. I was really craving these and got some alternatives that are a little higher in calories and fat than I wanted.
Fire! I put the oven on 370 and left it in there for 11 minutes.

Dinner: Gyro Wrap

I was so hungry. I think that was about 5-6 oz of meat. I cut half of the wrap. It’s normally 220 calories. So, it ended up being 110.
I ate it all!

Dessert: Light Mocha Espresso Ice Cream

Omg, this was amazing. The sugars and carbs were still high, but the calories fit. The taste was phenomenal. I couldn’t tell I was eating a light ice cream. I highly recommend this!

Total Calories: It is slightly off, because I didn’t measure the meat.

I’m getting a battery tomorrow! I forgot today, sorry. I did get a new yoga mat and scale though lol.

Anyways, that’s it for today. It’s not 1:45, so I will talk to you all tomorrow!

Much Love as Always,



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