Day 11: Don’t Let the Feeling of Being Tired Ruin Your Consistency

What I ate today, pics only today!

Skipped Breafast

Lunch:Chicken Shawarma Bowl & Chicken Noodle Soup

Had to steal this from my IG because I forgot to take a pic lol. I only ate half the salad.

A few hours later

I also got this frozen vanilla yogurt which is 150 cals plus the strawberry and granola of course. It was so bomb! I need to start making frozen yogurt at home!
I finished this salad. This time I added sriracha, leftover guac from Chipotle, and a side of thin tortilla chips.

This was pretty good! I’ve never seen or tried this before. You should try it. It’s a lightly flavored water.

Snack: Homemade Baked Potato Chips & Pickles

I made these baked potatoes chips for the fam, so I had a few plus pickles! I’m craving fried pickles now! I should come up with a baked version right!!??

Dinner: Poppyseed Protein Pancakes and Turkey Bacon

I’ve only tried the original kodiak cakes, but these poppyseed ones are 100xs better! It was also my first time trying this turkey bacon brand…also recommend! I found it at Walmart.

No syrup. I don’t like those sugar free , low cal syrups. Gimme all the honey. It’s healthier.

Dessert: Granola —Cereal Style

Also, bomb!

I am just dead tired tonight from staying up past 2 am last night! I didn’t let that stop my consistency though…

Tomorrow, I’ll share a couple of my favorite supplements that I’ve been taking lately that gave helped with my grogginess. I have also for the most part cut coffee out. Stay tuned!

Much Love!

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