Day 13: I Almost Failed at at my Blogging Challenge

I’ve been super busy the past few days! I promised I’d blog everyday. Yesterday was definitely a close one. I ended up atleast posting my food, so I’m proud of that. Thanks for holding me accountable y’all.

I hope you all are able to draw some inspiration from the meals I’m eating to help me shed some pounds. I am not a personal trainer or nutritionist. I’m just sharing my journey, what works, and what doesn’t for me.

Let’s get started.

No breakfast.

Lunch: Tasty Crab House Shrimp & Green Mussels

I didn’t get a good picture. I was only thinking about snapping it and eating to be honest. We had lunch super late today around 1:30!

I ordered 1 lb of shrimp, 1/2 pound green mussels, white rice, and lemon pepper wings. I ate all the mussels, about 80% of the shrimp, about a cup of rice, a half an ear of corn and 2 wings. ***Today was def a cheat day Because of the White rice!* On the upside , I got a lot of protein in.

Snack: 1 Mini Chocolate Eclair from a local bakery…also not pictured!

Dinner: Almond Poppyseed Protein Waffle w/ Turkey Bacon

Bomb as always! They are the Kodiak Cake branded waffle mix. I like this flavor better than the original!

Snack: Half a Pickle

Late Night Tea: Iced Matcha

I bought the matcha at Walmart but you can also buy it on Amazon! You can also use any sweetener of choice. I hate the flavor of all fake sugars and stevia.
Melt your honey before mixing it in! It was better than Starbucks y’all. Starbucks doesn’t blend it well enough. Sometimes they add toooooo much matcha. You save money and can tailor it by making it at home.

That sums up today. It’s 2:10am.

Signing off…

Much Love as always.

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