Day 14: (Late Post) RIP Kobe & Gianna Bryant & Other Passengers

Day 14 was actually yesterday, and I guess I failed a day of my 30 day challenge. Guess what though, I’m here. I’m not giving up. I spent time with my family and we enjoyed a nice dinner out at an asian restaurant. That is the only meal I remember from yesterday. It was an eel roll, miso soup, and a side of mushrooms…oh and 3 shrimp tempura roll slices.

Not to mention, I bullshitted all week on my paper that was due last night at 12AM. So, I worked on that all night plus other homework.

Also, the fact that I haven’t been going to bed at a decent time at all in the past week or so and the news of Kobe and Gianna just threw me for a heavy loop. I’ve never been so impacted by a superstar’s death. I guess it’s because I wasn’t really a fan of all of the other people.

I am a Kobe fan though and always have been.

So yeah…

When Justin got a call about the news of Kobe, I was in a state of disbelief. “I was like no…this has to be a hoax. This just can’t be true!”

Right after he said it back to the person on the phone, I took my phone out right away to start looking it up. The story was still developing still developing at that time. It wasn’t confirmed yet that Gianna was ok that helicopter as well.

When I heard the news that his 13 year old baby girl was on that helicopter with him, my heart broke for his wife and remaining children.

As a mom, I couldn’t fathom losing the love of my life as well as my baby girl at the same damn time!

My whole family was shook over it yesterday, from Hawaii to here in New York. Our heart’s were heavy and full of compassion. It still is. It’s still fresh, and these clips I keep watching are heartbreaking.

It’s amazing to see how many people he touched and influenced with his mindset and amazing basketball career. He may have had a scandal or two back in the day, but that didn’t overshadow all the good he’s put in to the world and others.

The energy he put in to the world shows by the way people are reacting even if they didn’t know him personally. That is what you call a legacy and a legend.

I still can’t believe it!

It was also a reminder for me that, life is too short. If you have people in life that you love, make more of a conscious effort to show them your love before the time is up for one of you.

We never know when it’s our time to go. Hold your husband tight. Be patient and living with your kids. Tell that family member or friend that you’ve been having a petty fight with that your relationship is better than that.

It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, I bet you still have people that bring you joy. Make sure those people know. We all have a day when our time is up. We will never know when that time is.

If you’re waiting for something to come to you…don’t. Go out there and get it. You may die waiting.

If you have a dream, take the first step right now no matter how small of a step it is. At least it’s one step in the right direction.

Let’s all be grateful for our lives and our loved ones, especially those with us.

My heart goes out to all the families of the victims.

RIP Kobe, Gianna, and The other parents and children on board that helicopter!

Much Light, Love, and Peace to you all tonight!

Big Hugs!!!!!

And PS, I found my food pics from yesterday. I didn’t take a pic at the restaurant though. No captions because you guys already know what these are by my last week of posts. I’m obsessed with all of these! Take a look at my previous posts if you want to know more about what these are!

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