Day 15: I Haven’t Lost a Pound Yet

At the beginning of my journey, I advised you all that I am counting calories but not my macros. I got my macros off the Katy Hearn Macro Calculator and I don’t think the calories are low enough.

Now mind you, I haven’t been following the macro numbers. So, I’m going to give the amount of calories another 2 weeks but now try to stay under or at the recommended macro amount for the day. If that doesn’t get me results, I will lower the caloric intake.

Breakfast: Berry Smoothie Bowl

Snack: Mushroom Snack

I got these at TJ Max and they were surprisingly not too mushroomy!

Lunch: Shiritake Noodle & Shrimp Pho

Snack 2: Pineapple and Tajin

Dinner: BBQ Chicken Pizza

I thought I wanted pizza. I threw the rest in a ziplock for tomorrow.

Dinner/Dessert: Almond Poppyseed Kodiak Cake Protein Waffle with Chocolate Protein Drizzle

I may have burnt it a little. It was phenomenal though. I used my new 1upnutrition Vegan Chocolate Protein that I got in the mail today. I’ve tried a lot of proteins. This one has the best flavor of all the others. There’s no weird aftertaste.

Late Night Snack: Not Pictured

Thin pretzels, Half an Avocado and Fresh Salsa. I didn’t have anymore thin tortilla chips but it was still good.

That sums up my Day 15 day of eating for weightloss. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog.

Sending positivity and love your way!

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