Day 16: (Late Post) If Someone Tells You That You Need Rest, You Probably Do

Hey! I know this post is a day late.

If you haven’t caught the drift from the title, I was told that I just need to go to sleep and not get back up after the girls went to bed to do my usual cleaning, working out, tv time, etc.

As you all know, I usually blog after they go to bed as well. I am trying to get on a better schedule and hope to get at-least one day ahead in content so I don’t have to wait all the way after bedtime or my last meal to post.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I haven’t been getting enough sleep. I was only getting in like half the amount I need for the past week and a half.

When you are working out and breaking your body down, it’s very important to get rest. When you’re asleep, that’s when your body is able to repair and reset. You’ll notice that you’ll have a shitty workout after so many nights of very little rest.

Well, needless to say, I woke up refreshed this morning and ready to attack the day! My body felt rested and not as dead as it was feeling.

Anyways, here is my food from yesterday. Sorry for the late post!


I got this from TJ Max!


I didn’t want a salad at all until I concocted this green goodness Cobb salad! It was delish and will be on rotation!
New Protein was tastier than a lot of proteins I’ve tried and it’s vegan!

Dinner: Tacos

Who says you can’t have tacos when losing weight????

Oh and I’ve lost a pound so far this week. I feel like my clothes are a smidge looser. I’m feeling more energized and overall healthier!

Thanks for stopping by and sticking with me on this challenge. I hope you found some food Inspo! Please comment, like, and share this content if you enjoyed it and found it useful!

Much light and love!

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