Day 17: Asian Food Obsessions

I am obsessed with rice! I grew up eating rice with breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I grew up eating mostly Asian dishes as well. So, it was definitely hard only eating rice sparingly. I, to this day, only eat white rice once maybe twice a week!

Today…I had rice for lunch and dinner, but it fit in my calories for the day so….yeah!

What are some foods you’re obsessed with and how do you limit yourself?

Here’s what I ate today!


No banana in my smoothie today for the sweetness. I tried dates for he first time and I actually enjoyed it! It wasn’t as sweet as banana, but I will be doing the dates until I run out.

Lunch: HelloFresh Bulgogi

1/2 C rice, 1/2 cup of 85/15 ground beef and as many veggies as I wanted. Oh and that sauce, aka sriracha sour cream cream adds a western touch but still fire!

Dinner: Because I didn’t feel like cooking and lunch was hella fire!

Missing green onions but still same servings!

Preworkout Snack:

I worked out around 9. I was starving since I ate dinner hours before and needed something to get me through the workout!

I hope you enjoyed today’s full day of eating for weightloss. I also hope you were able to get some fresh meal Inspo for you journey or just to try.

Much Love!

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