Day 20: Slack, but Don’t Give Up- Faux Pho Secret

It’s technically Day 21. Once again, I’m backtracking because I didn’t manage time correctly this week. I waited all the way until the last minute to do all my school work that was due by 9am this morning. So, I was up until 3 am doing homework!

This week, I have to get back in the groove and be consistent with posting on my blog. After all, it is a 30 day challenge, and I think this is the 3rd time I didn’t post on time.

I’m a little disappointed in myself, but I’m also proud I started this challenge. Before this challenge I only had one handful of posts. Now, I have over 20! So, I’ve taken a large stride from doing a post once in a blue moon to almost everyday.

So…right now it’s mid afternoon. While I’d rather be napping with my daughter right now, I’m here catching up on my blog! Then, after this, I’m getting started on some school work.

I say all this not to make excuses but to say that being consistent is not easy. To be great and have a whole different level of success, requires that hard work with consistency.

Yes, things happen. We get tired. We have hundreds of things to do.


If you really care about something, you will try your absolute best to keep your word and show up day in and day out. You will also learn to manage your time better and to show up even when you’re tired!

It’s all a learning process.

Keep challenging yourself to level up in your own life.

What’s one area in your life that you’re trying to level up in?

I’d really love to know and hear how you stay encouraged.

Without further ado, let’s get in to thee food:


2 slices of turkey bacon and my favorite protein pancake/waffle mix ever…Kodiak Cakes Almond PoppySeed. I did a full serving. You have to try it. It’s not a piece of cardboard and doesn’t have that fake sugar taste. I could eat it for all meals , but I can’t do that to myself lol. I got this mix at Target for under $5.


I made a run to the Asian Market to get a couple ingredients for Pho and picked this up because I was hungry and thirsty.
It was 100 cals. I haven’t had coffee everyday like I used to since I started the New Year. I have been doing green tea and matcha lattes at home.
I also got these pho noodle replacement yam noodles at the Asian Market. This is a different brand from last time I posted about these type of noodles in one of my previous posts. It has less calories and was about a dollar cheaper than shop rite.
Added some shrimp balls( just shrimp molded in to a ball) from the Asian Market and some seafood mix from Adams Fair-acre Farms. You have to try this faux pho. It’s a quarter of the calories. Most of the calories come from the broth and hoisin sauce.


That concludes my day of eating from yesterday! I hope you enjoyed this post.

Much Love!



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