7 Mind-Blowing Ways to Save Money on Kid’s Clothes

My mother used to always say that she would never buy expensive clothes or shoes for my sisters when they were younger, because kids grow almost every year. She felt like that was a waste. Also, having 4 kids adds up very quickly, and sometimes it’s just not in the budget.

Flash forward to now that I am a mom, I feel the same way. Sometimes I do like to splurge here and there, but for the most part I like to find good savings and deals on kids clothes or shoes.

Here are 7 ways to help you save money on children’s clothing and shoes:

1.) Rakuten– Earn Cash Back from thousands of popular retailers which include Old Navy, Target, Carter’s, The Children’s Place, OshKosh Bgosh. You can download this app on to your phone or go to the website on your computer as well. All you do is search for the retailer on their website or app, click on the retailer’s website link, and shop. It’s that easy.

Another great thing about Rakuten is that you can also use their service in store. All you do is add a credit card to My Wallet, link that card to your selected stores and shop per usual! See I’m-store options here.

Why does Rakuten pay you cash back? Well, Rakuten basically makes a commission off of referring you.

They will send you a check via mail or PayPal you.

They will also send you $10 just for joining. You will get it in the mail soon after your first purchase through their site.

2.) ThredUp or Poshmark

These are online consignment shops that you can buy or sell on. The great thing about these is that you are able to sell or shop from the comfort of your own home. It’s also not as overwhelming as a brick and mortar store, because you can narrow your search as far as you’d like. You can also download the apps to your smartphone to post your children’s items for sale and to browse at your fingertips.

ThredUp accepts returns on non-final sale items and has what they call their “Polka Dot Promise.” That is basically them promising the item you received is exactly as listed. If for some reason it’s not, you just contact them. They are very good at resolving any concerns and have great reviews.

Poshmark also has a great policy on purchases. If your item never ships, not authentic, or does not match the description, they will refund you. The only downside is that all sales are final for any other reason. So, if you know a specific brand and size that will for sure fit your children now or in the long run, this site is another great option for children’s clothes on a budget.

Kidizen is another one, but I have not personally used it. I’ve found great reviews on them though.

3.) Discounted Gift Cards-

If you’re not one that is interested in consignment or thrift stores, this is a great option.


Sometimes the thing you want to buy just won’t go on sale.

Here are websites and retailers out there that will buy your gift cards for a fraction of the price and re-sell them.

Some reputable places you can sell and buy gift cards from:

Raise– You set the price. The only downside is that you don’t get the money until it sells.

Card Pool– They’ll buy your card one exchange for an Amazon gift card or money. The upside about the Amazon card is that they give you a couple extra dollars.

Card Cash– They have a 45 day guarantee. If you try to use it within 45 days and there is no balance, they’ll refund you. They’ll pay you cash, direct deposit, or PayPal

4.) Shop at the Perfect Times-

We all know the best times to shop sales are at the end of the season. That is when you’ll get the best prices possible with 50%-80% off.

Here are some other times when you can shop with good sales on kids clothing:

-January- Stores are getting rid of their 2019 items, Christmas, Seasonal, and Winter inventory

-February- Stores are getting rid of Winter gear to make room for spring inventory.

-May- Spring items start going on sale to make room for summer inventory.

-July- It’s not the end of the summer yet, but prices are usually cheap around this time.

-October- This is the time to buy jeans, because stores start stocking their fall inventory in August and September. It’s always best not to buy something that is new in store if you’re trying to save money. It’s best to wait a few weeks.

5.) Price Match-

Have you ever been to a store, saw something for a lot cheaper somewhere else, and left that store to go to the other store?

Well, this little hack will help save you some time and money. If you find an item in a circular or online that is cheaper than what you find in store, you can ask the cashier to adjust the price to match their competitor’s. They would rather lose out on some money than take no money at all.

Here are some retailers that do price-match:







6.) Consignment Shops

This option is a twofer because you can buy cheap kids clothes, shoes, and toys PLUS sell your own children’s items as well! So, this place helps you save and make money.

My favorite children’s clothing consignment shop is Once Upon A Child.

They pay you cash for the item(s). They are also pretty selective of the brands they will take, and you can tell that they only select gently or new clothing. Brands you will find are Adidas, Nike, Cat & Jack, Gap, Justice, Under Armour, Garanimals, and more.

If you are in the Hudson Valley of New York, there are locations near you.

7.) Thrift Stores in Wealthy or More Expensive Areas:

You can find a large selection of name brand and sometimes designer in Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and other local thrift stores.

I know some of you may not be fond of thrift stores because of the stigma of it being nasty comes to mind. Trust me, I used to feel the same. It just comes down to location and examining your clothes before you buy them.

I hope you enjoyed this post on ways to save money on children’s clothing. I tried to think outside of the box by not repeating all the normal things that people tell you about such as Amazon, EBay, Tax Free Weekend, Hand-me-downs, etc. These are ways I’ve been able to save my family hundreds of dollars a year. Those savings really do add up to what you may be saving up for, for ex: a family vacation or something new at home for the whole family to enjoy.

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