Corona Virus Chronicles: For the Parents That Are About to Lose it on Their Kid+Memes

I want to dedicate this time in quarantine to writing blog posts pertaining to the coronavirus. For example, I was thinking of doing some or all of these topics:

-Ways to Build Immunity

-Immunity Smoothie Recipes

-Easy Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

-Cooking Basics

-DIY Natural Cleaners

-How Essential Oils can help during this time

-Ideas for DIY around the home

-Ways to Practice Self Care

-Home Workout Hacks n Ideas

-How to give yourself a facial

-How to do your own gel or acrylic nails

Let me know what you all want to read up on.

This is my first corona related post that is just something motivational for all the moms and dads out there. Parenthood at home 24/7 is hella hard. I feel you. This post is for you, so keep reading.

All these corona memes about being “ teacher mom and dad “ have me dying too.

For Example:

My patience is tested especially at “homework” time. (Big Ups to all my teacher friends!!!!)

These times don’t discriminate, because even though I’ve been a SAH mom….

I still find myself losing it weekly lol. I was in the house but not in the house house like this!!

I just try to motivate myself with any little thing.

I Just want y’all to remember a few things though….

-If we teach them right and well the first time around, we won’t have to raise them again…know what I’m saying? The sooner they learn things. The sooner you won’t have to teach them all these little and basic things.

-Also, really remember that RIGHT NOW (childhood) they’re begging you to hang out, play, to go places, for attention, or whatever…but one day, you’ll be the one begging them(when they’re older)

-They may not remember their young days or maybe they will. Either way, they’ll realize how much you did-or-don’t do for and with them.

-My advice would be to just get creative at home to pass the quarantine away. Use this time to get back to the basics of what a parent should be or making you and your family better. Don’t come out this quarantine empty handed.

None of us are perfect parents. Just try your best. Take a breather. Take a nap. Have some alcohol. Scream in your pillow. Smoke something lol JKKKKKKKk. Do some kickboxing on youtube to take that frustration out…shoot whatever helps you keep your cool.

Do anything little that helps you have a better day!

Sending Love and Positive Vibes from our fam to yours!

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