Day 10: Blogging Every Day Isn’t Easy

Blogging consistently is one thing, but blogging every single day takes a lot of work! It’s currently 1:25 AM. I almost didn’t get to it today, but I couldn’t fail…especially publicly! Now that’s what you call accountability. What’s something you need someone to help hold you accountable for? What are ways you keep yourself motivated …


Day 8: Dedication Means My Downstairs Neighbor Hates Me

I currently live in a condo above someone. The only reason I don’t like working out at home is because I have to incorporate HIIT workouts with my weight training to burn off this fat. My HIIT workouts include burpees, running in place, quick feet, high knees, jump squats..any loud exercise…you name it. So, I’m …


Day 7: How Many Calories Does Frying Food Add To The Recipe?

I bet you probably never asked yourself that question in the title. How many calories do you think frying adds to the food? W Well, I fell in to that rabbit hole of a google search today trying to figure out how many calories I just consumed after making and eating my copycat Chic-Fil-A Nuggets …


Day 3: Apps and Youtube Channels I Recommend for Work-Out Inspo

I wasn’t able to make it to the gym today. Hell, some days I don’t feel like leaving my house. On those days, I typically follow along to a workout on youtube. I’m well versed in different workouts and can create my own routine. I just find it more fun to workout with Youtubers or …

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